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An Alarm System everyone can afford

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It’s evident that it’s not only the poor countries that are most hardly hit by natural disasters, but it’s the poor people within these countries who bear the brunt of the impact. Cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes, and erupting volcanoes are hazards, but they become deadly disasters when they happen in vulnerable areas where people have few defenses and no heads-up warning. was founded to end this unfair unbalance and to provide these countries and regions with an alarm system anyone can take part in and afford. GlobalAlerts leaves no one behind, especially not those who are already suffering from poor living conditions. It is the only system that helps illiterate and visually impaired people get important information.

keep people safe everywhere & anytime

alert residents & visitors

one call – save all
independent from the internet

anticipate and prevent critical situations

accelerate medical response

leaving no one behind – the only alert for illiterate and visual impaired people

Globalalerts is preinstalled in over 8 billion phones, already available in over 180 countries. We are managing more than 4.000 customers globally, keeping millions of users informed in the event of crisis.

GlobalAlerts AT A GLANCE

No internet connection needed

No app or account needed

Global, unlimited reach

Works with every phone

Perfect for illiterate and visually impaired people

Total protection against cyber crime

The challenges of todays' communication:

  • None of the currently available technologies are able to reach everyone
  • Lack of credibility & safety
  • No reliable measurability
  • Drawing less alertness
  • Apps are limited to smartphone users only


We want to enjoy our way of life without limitations, fear and without the urge of constantly checking the news. GlobalAlerts is providing such feeling of being safe. No need to check the news, if something happens your phone will ring.

GlobalAlerts bears an unlimited potential to get the message out about medical informations, the latest news about diseases or when doctors are coming to the area.

Fast an reliable tsunami warnings, earthquake warnings, volcano warnings and many more.

…if you cannot read or write! Only a call through GlobalAlerts will reach the illiterate people and is a personal message they can listen to!

Changing Communication is the first and only communication technology that allows a caller to reach from one to an unlimited number of people, instantaneously, simultaneously without depending on internet access – simply by using the global telecommunication network.

Having the world at our fingertips is great, but the steady flow of information overload keeps us distracted from what really matters. An incoming call creates the utmost attention and replaces all other incoming information. A call still is the function of choice to transmit the most important message.

“We could have saved more lives. GlobalAlerts is the solution we have been waiting for!”

Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations